Latest Iran Election Headlines

While the Islamic Republic continues to use its brutal force and methods of keeping the International Community from getting first-hand reports of the protests and violence, Iranian Opposition Leader Calls for Rally on Thursday.

What is becoming known as the “Green Revolution” or “Twitter Revolution“, is picking up momentum.  The AP reported yesterday on whether the regime can survive the power of Iran’s people.   The New York Times has correspondents on the ground in Tehran, and is providing updates via its website.

Switzerland Iran Elections Protest

The most amazing and astonishing facet of this movement is the use of technology and communication that the Iranian people are using to organize and get their message out to the free-world.  A CyberWar is being fought and the Islamic Republic’s Revolutionary Guard is trying to fight back not just on the streets with bullets and tear gas, but online as well.  Threats have been made by Khamenei to all those who post online as well as foreign media.

One question remains:  Is this movement about Mousavi, or is the Green Revolution about something beyond the entire system of the Islamic Republic itself?


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