Obama to Islamic Regime “Stop All Violent and Unjust Actions”

US President Obama’s most recent statement on the Islamic Republic.

The Iranian government must understand that the world is watching. We mourn each and every innocent life that is lost. We call on the Iranian government to stop all violent and unjust actions against its own people. The universal rights to assembly and free speech must be respected, and the United States stands with all who seek to exercise those rights.

As I said in Cairo, suppressing ideas never succeeds in making them go away. The Iranian people will ultimately judge the actions of their own government. If the Iranian government seeks the respect of the international community, it must respect the dignity of its own people and govern through consent, not coercion.

Martin Luther King once said – “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” I believe that. The international community believes that. And right now, we are bearing witness to the Iranian peoples’ belief in that truth, and we will continue to bear witness.


4 responses to “Obama to Islamic Regime “Stop All Violent and Unjust Actions”

  1. It’s about time.

  2. Sleepless In US

    Thank you president Obama for speaking up but the United States Government needs to do more than just talk. They need to take down this regime permanently and allow open elections in Iran so that Iranians can chose a president who will fight for their freedom.

  3. Anonymous….

    He’s spoken twice this week on it. We (the U.S.) has a freakin’ history! We just cannot walk in – again – and take over. The Iranian people HAVE to do this on their own. We do not do regime change nor would I support it.

  4. Geez….that should read “We have a freakin’ history” – Sr. Anna Margaret would be so disappointed. ;0

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