Pro-Iranian regime hackers attack Oregon computers

Today, pro-Iranian regime hackers attacked Oregon Universities website posting a message aimed at President Obama.   People who tried to access the universities system were directed automaticall to another web page that has a message said for Obama to mind his own business and to stay out of Iranian affairs.

“The message that was posted on the Web site, made available to The Associated Press by the university system, addressed Obama and said it was being posted from Iran. The text, in red on a black background, calls on Obama to focus on the economic crisis instead of commenting on the Iranian election.

The message also makes derogatory comments about Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi, who has contended the June 12 vote was rigged.”


2 responses to “Pro-Iranian regime hackers attack Oregon computers

  1. As a student in Oregon, I’d like to call troll. It had to have been someone local and probably has nothing to do with Iranians, just anti-Iranian sentiment, no matter what they claim.

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