VIDEO – AHMADI BYE BYE! Ahmadinejad Flees from Sharif University Students

Video shows the sentiments on the ground at Sharif University in Tehran, when Ahmadinejad is taunted on his way out.

Chants of “Ahmadi bye bye!” “liar” and “death to the dictator” can be heard, as well as MOUSAVI.


9 responses to “VIDEO – AHMADI BYE BYE! Ahmadinejad Flees from Sharif University Students

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  2. This is the price of bringing in a bunch of ayatollas 30 years ago – they are worse than the shah, they fill their pockets with money, commit fraud and killing if threatened.

  3. can someone please tell me if this is an anti islamic republic movement or pro musavi movement?
    It gets very confussing since Musavi is part of this regim and he has so much blood on his hands.

  4. sherry, that is a very good question.

    mousavi has become the accidental leader of a larger movement. When we hear death to the dictator or when in clear defiance of Khamenei, the people take to the streets in protest, the true sentiments are to move beyond a Theocracy.

    Mousavi does have a lot of blood on his hands in the early 80’s and is a part of the Islamic republic. But it is important to also recognize his defiance against the regime itself.

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  6. My take from watching all this is that very roughly, Mousavi is to Islamic theocracy what Gorbachev was to communism. And he has softened since the 1980s.

  7. great job. definitely linking to this site

  8. Mousavi is an idiot . Ahmenijad is ‘pure’ but bad islamic militant and people are idiots for thinking they have something to say. The iranian people are getting too Green. People already have the respect – they don’t need to wear green Islamic flags – everything in balance. Some Islamic some they don’t need it. It looks bad and it not good enough for Iranians. Only those who are Green should be green. Never convert people and don’t change your country. Everybody must conform the right way. Look only at what is going on in your country and fix it. Iranians are over the top with Islam. In life it is not necessary to be more than what you are. It is already 50% Islamic. ‘peace’ signs are not for strong people . People need to wake up and be proper people – NO GAYS and no rubbish and Islam will BEHAVE in great Britain and allow smoking and drinking in pubs. Iran works best with Israel because it is part of the strong face of people and shows up what is bad about people like Ahmenijad. Stop talking about Israel and the Palestinians and turning everything upside down start looking around you and get in touch with how you feel about what’s right and wrong. Freer rights are for people at school. Everybody is already free and nobody can control your mind. But life is the way it is and it is GREAT when people realise you play within the rules and you don’t try to change them. People make decisions but these don’t have to be great things. People need to wake up. You don’t have to believe in mohammed to be right. A man knows and respects another man who is right and he doesn’t care where the truth is coming from. Everything has to be exactly right and a mixture of things and not only one way. People in the West had better stop trying to be something and remember who they are. Every country is the way it is and doesn’t need to change – we hate only the dead idiot people who drawl. European union is nonsense. East Europe is not the same as Western Europe. We don’t need it. The economy is wrong because people are asleep and they don’t want to work and be proper people. Ban EBAY. Spank your kids if they don’t behave. We need REAL Life same as it has always been. Wake up and ignore everything in the media. People are just lazy trying to find something to talk about when there isn’t anything to talk about. Irans problems are over there. If you are interested in Iran then you have to be interested with home.
    Never offend your neighbours but be as racist as you like in general conversation. Black people are in the people and they are strong this way with some respresentation in government but they are not good as Presidents and it does matter where you come from. It is the BRITISH who run everything and they need to wake up and stop giving up their power and get rid of ‘labour and conservative’ and stupid people. We need REAL government and when we do everything makes sense. They are having too many babies and causing imbalance.
    Respect is respect for the way things are and that they NEVER change and people who allow them to change are failures. Change is only in mood or a new dress or whatever.
    People in the West need to get back to roots and stop this East West talk. Stop looking at the internet and do something in your local community! Great Britain is the most fantastic of all nations in the world. If there are too many of certain groups of people you THROW some of them out. It doesn’t matter if people are good or bad or what religion they are. If there are people out of place you have to do something about it including discipline and police state. You pick and choose individually. Police thump kids who don’t behave. This is the way things work properly with discipline and order. We are not here to be sterile people. The obsession with free rights is getting out of hand. It is a lie. Rights come with respect and honour. Things you want are not important.

  9. I hope for all peples, that the peace will come very soon ..

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