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NEW VIDEO – Peaceful Memorial Held for Sane Jaleh, Protester killed by Iranian Regime

A vigil was held in Tehran honoring slain protester Sane Jaleh, age 25. Sane was killed during yesterday’s protest in Iran. The Regime claimed Sane was a member of the Basiji, but those claims are false.

NEW VIDEO – Protesters Chant “Don’t be Scared, we are all together”


New Video – Massive Protests against Iranian Regime Continue

VIDEO Protesters Fill Streets of Tehran – Sharif University VIDEO

Video clips uploaded to the Internet show crowds of protesters out in streets of Tehran.  The video clip above purportedly is from a protest rally at Tehran’s Sharif University on Monday. Protesters chanted anti-government slogans and Allah o Akbar–God is Great– before members of the Basij militia arrived at the scene to disperse the crowds.

NEW VIDEO – Protester Climbs Crane in Iran

This protester was arrested and beaten shortly after. He was carrying two pictures and a green flag.

NEW VIDEO – Death to Dictator Chants continue over Tehran

Reports indicate that the night time chanting is also taking place in the Iranian cities of Esfehan, Tabriz, Abadan, Shiraz and Rasht.

Despite Warnings from the Government, Iranian People will demonstrate in protest

Representatives of the Green Movement in Iran announced that they will press forward with planned protest amid warnings from the Islamic Government in Iran.  The Iranian people are fed up with the brutality of the regime that has enslaved them for more than 30 years.

Ardeshir Amir-Arjomand, a spokesman for the former presidential candidates Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, accused the government of hypocrisy for voicing support for protesters in Egypt and Tunisia while refusing to allow opposition activists to stage a peaceful demonstration.

“Our dictators in Tehran are ruling the country with terror and panic” he said. “They are afraid of their own people. They only sanction whatever pleases thems and disapprove of anything that is not under their surveillance. The call for renewed street protest in Iran is a clear sign that the green movement is still alive and that’s why they’re afraid of it.”

NEW VIDEO – Death to Dictator Chants Fill Iran Night

Roof top protestors can be heard screaming “Death to the Dictator” and God is Great.

Anti-government protests are planned for Feb. 14. The regime has already began cracking down on the protestors, blocking internet and cell phone service.


VIDEO – AHMADI BYE BYE! Ahmadinejad Flees from Sharif University Students

Video shows the sentiments on the ground at Sharif University in Tehran, when Ahmadinejad is taunted on his way out.

Chants of “Ahmadi bye bye!” “liar” and “death to the dictator” can be heard, as well as MOUSAVI.

NEW VIDEO: Protesters Attacked by Basij in Rasht

This fresh video just in taken outside of Tehran in the city of Rasht.  It is important to note that the demonstrations are taking place across the entire country and not just limited to Tehran.

Plainclothes militia known as Basij can be seen attacking demonstrators.  Chaos continues on the streets of Iran.  Rasht is a city outside of Tehran.