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The Telegraph: Iran’s Revolutionary Guard pledges to hold fire

According to ┬áThe Telegraph in UK, A letter addressed to Major Gen Mohammad Ali Jafari of the Revolutionary Guard, the Guards’ commanding officer calls on Major Gen Jafari to issue guidance to both the Revolutionary Guards and the Basij paramilitary militia to use restraint when handling anti-government protests

“But in the letter, which is signed by senior officers commanding Guards units in Tehran, Qom, Isfahan and Tabriz, they urge Major Gen Jafari to “use your authority over the Basij to order them to leave their truncheons at home next time.”

It goes on to state unequivocally, “We promise our people that we will not shoot nor beat our brothers who are seeking to express legitimate protest against the policies and conduct of their leader.”

This suggests a major rife between the leaders of the regime and the armed forces. Many believe the Military forces wish to join the protestors against the regime.

NEW VIDEO – Disturbing – Mentally Disabled man says he was attacked by Iranian Police

The man is asked who attacked him and he replies “The Police”. When asked why he was attacked, he replies “I dont know. They hit me in the head with a batton”


NEW VIDEO – Protesters Chant “We don’t want the Islamic Republic”

Protest continue to denounce the Regime and call for a Republic of Iranians.

NEW VIDEO – Night time protest in Shiraz

The protests continue all over Iran. According to CNN. “foreign journalists were denied visas, accredited journalists living in the country were restricted from covering the demonstrations and internet speeds slowed to a crawl in an apparent attempt to both limit protest organizing and restrict information from being transmitted out of the country”

GRAPHIC VIDEO FROM IRAN – Protester Shot by Government Forces

This video was sent to us. An unarmed group of protestors was fired upon in Tehran. We cannot confirm if this was by Anti riot or Basiji forces.

NEW RAW VIDEO – Iranian Protestors Attacked by Government Forces

Police are using batons, swinging and attacking with reckless disregard at unarmed protestors.

NEW VIDEO – Protesters attacked with Tear gas and battons

Report confirm that Basiji thugs are attacking the protestors.