NEW RAW VIDEO – Iranian Protestors Attacked by Government Forces

Police are using batons, swinging and attacking with reckless disregard at unarmed protestors.


New Video – Massive Protests against Iranian Regime Continue

NEW VIDEO – Protesters attacked with Tear gas and battons

Report confirm that Basiji thugs are attacking the protestors.

NEW VIDEO – Tens of Thousands Demonstrate in Iran

Tens of thousands of Iranians protested against the regime today. Police have used Tear gas to disperse the crowds.

VIDEO Protesters Fill Streets of Tehran – Sharif University VIDEO

Video clips uploaded to the Internet show crowds of protesters out in streets of Tehran. ┬áThe video clip above purportedly is from a protest rally at Tehran’s Sharif University on Monday. Protesters chanted anti-government slogans and Allah o Akbar–God is Great– before members of the Basij militia arrived at the scene to disperse the crowds.

NEW VIDEO – Protester Climbs Crane in Iran

This protester was arrested and beaten shortly after. He was carrying two pictures and a green flag.

NEW VIDEO – Death to Dictator Chants continue over Tehran

Reports indicate that the night time chanting is also taking place in the Iranian cities of Esfehan, Tabriz, Abadan, Shiraz and Rasht.