Re-Post: WARNING GRAPHIC — Fatal Shooting of Iranian Woman (Neda) in Tehran

9 responses to “Re-Post: WARNING GRAPHIC — Fatal Shooting of Iranian Woman (Neda) in Tehran

  1. The person who recorded this death is a document of history.

  2. People all over the world need to see this video.

  3. When is Obama going to start being the leader we elected. Do more Iranians have to die first?

  4. President Obama is doing what he can do. Bob Dennis you have it wrong, you must be a Republican. It is Iran’s fight. It is their struggle. The Ugly American should stay out. The CIA assassinated a political figure in the 1950s in Persia/Iran. It led to the dictatorship of Shah. Did the American people vote Obama in to do Iran’s business, no!!! Check your history Bob Dennis.

  5. Rebublican, democrat, who cares. This is not about US politics, this is about a brave people coming up for their rights, and meeting the reality of their regime dictating society. They already know its flaws, that is why they are there, millions of them. And I hope they will persist.

    Good luck and peace be upon you all, people of Iran.

  6. iranian people have no hope for future of themselves and their children …how this brutal government can people in the name of islam and even explain their action………….god help iranian people seeking just their basic rights!!!!!!!!!!

  7. But Sambo said he was going to build a dialog with Iran.


  8. Steve Renko, I must disagree. President Obama has the power to do so much more, yet all he does is watches and bickers back and forth with Ahmadinejad. He campaigned for change and hope, yet when shown people who are hoping for change, he does nothing. He is not holding up to the promises he made to you, especially those of you who voted for him. He doesn’t want to get caught in a situation like President Bush, in which he tries to help people, but American liberals will call him a war monger. What’s more important: keeping a peaceful appearance or keeping innocent people alive. You Americans say you stand for ridding with world of tyranny and oppression. President Obama doesn’t feel the same I guess.

  9. I sat and watched the documentary on this girl and i feel like she did not die in vein! Her memory will live on in the lives of many people especially mine. Her family spoke out and were exiled but if there were not more people like this than the world would not have an MLK ,GHANDI OR MALCOM X

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