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Despite Warnings from the Government, Iranian People will demonstrate in protest

Representatives of the Green Movement in Iran announced that they will press forward with planned protest amid warnings from the Islamic Government in Iran.  The Iranian people are fed up with the brutality of the regime that has enslaved them for more than 30 years.

Ardeshir Amir-Arjomand, a spokesman for the former presidential candidates Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, accused the government of hypocrisy for voicing support for protesters in Egypt and Tunisia while refusing to allow opposition activists to stage a peaceful demonstration.

“Our dictators in Tehran are ruling the country with terror and panic” he said. “They are afraid of their own people. They only sanction whatever pleases thems and disapprove of anything that is not under their surveillance. The call for renewed street¬†protest in Iran is a clear sign that the green movement is still alive and that’s why they’re afraid of it.”

NEW VIDEO Protests Continue in Iran Police use Tear Gas on Peaceful Protesters

It is unclear where the tear gas came from but armed militia members can be seeon on the rooftops. Near the 2:53 mark, a woman can be heard yelling “Long Live the Revolution”

NEW VIDEO Brave Iranian Girl stands up to Islamic Forces

A Young Iranian Girl Stands up to Islamic Militia forces who are randomly attacking civilians on the street.

She says and asks “Why don’t you hit me on Camera. Hit me” When they attack another innocent civilians she Sarcastically says “Yes, hit him because you have to” . This was reportedly filmed near Vanak Square

NEW VIDEO Protester gives flower to Army Solider

Another video of a peaceful protest in Iran.

At the 1:36 mark, a solider is seen with flowers given to him by a protester as the crowd cheers the peaceful gesture.

NEW VIDEO Protests Spead all over outside of Tehran to City of Kerman

This video shows a peaceful demonstration in the Iranian City of Kerman

Protests continue all over Iran, including Tehran, Tabriz, Mashad and Isfehan

NEW GRAPHIC VIDEO Yet another Protester murdered in Iran

This is yet another video of a protester shot to death in Iran

The short video shows that the protester was shot in the heart.

NEW VIDEO Islamic Forces Destroying private property

In this video, the forces of the Islamic Republic are shown destroying private property, smashing windows, and damaging a car.

Unconfirmed reports say that Iranian State TV reporting that the protesters are responsible for the damage.