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VIDEO – AHMADI BYE BYE! Ahmadinejad Flees from Sharif University Students

Video shows the sentiments on the ground at Sharif University in Tehran, when Ahmadinejad is taunted on his way out.

Chants of “Ahmadi bye bye!” “liar” and “death to the dictator” can be heard, as well as MOUSAVI.

NEW VIDEO: Protesters Attacked by Basij in Rasht

This fresh video just in taken outside of Tehran in the city of Rasht.  It is important to note that the demonstrations are taking place across the entire country and not just limited to Tehran.

Plainclothes militia known as Basij can be seen attacking demonstrators.  Chaos continues on the streets of Iran.  Rasht is a city outside of Tehran.

Pro-Iranian regime hackers attack Oregon computers

Today, pro-Iranian regime hackers attacked Oregon Universities website posting a message aimed at President Obama.   People who tried to access the universities system were directed automaticall to another web page that has a message said for Obama to mind his own business and to stay out of Iranian affairs.

“The message that was posted on the Web site, made available to The Associated Press by the university system, addressed Obama and said it was being posted from Iran. The text, in red on a black background, calls on Obama to focus on the economic crisis instead of commenting on the Iranian election.

The message also makes derogatory comments about Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi, who has contended the June 12 vote was rigged.”

Iranian People Continue their Movement Despite Reports

The Associated Press reported that Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei may be a casualty in the vote crisis.   For the first time in three decades, the Iranian people have openly defied Khamenei.  One week after the Iranian presidential election, Khamenei proclaimed that the election will not be annuled and that while there may have been irregularities, the elections were legitimate.  Khamenei also warned any and all protesters, clearly stating that if demonstrators continued in the streets, “there will be blood shed.”  Khamenei stood by his word and the following day, his militia, basiji and police forces took to the streets in a violent response unlike any seen before in previous days.

Demonstrators continued to take to the streets as Khameni and the regime continue to take a more brutal and forceful response using not only deadly weapons including axes, chains and battons, but aiming for fatal wounds with their guns.  While there has been less activity online from the streets of Iran, the news has continuously been coming through.  Twitter and facebook traffic has decreased or has been delayed.

Direct reports to us from Iranians inside Iran tell us that the resolve of the of the people to stand up against this regime has never been stronger.  Iranians will continue to take to the streets and use nonviolent methods of civil disobedience against the regime.  Strikes are planned as well as sit-ins and resignations of key governmental agencies.  The regime has made a choice – to crush and oppress the people all all costs.  Even if it means the lives of its own people.

NEW: Protesters in the Streets of Tehran facing Police and Militia Forces

Brand new video just in that shows the determination of the Iranian people to have their voices heard.

As some are suggesting, the streets in Iran are NOT quiet. Facing police and basiji militias of the Islamic regime, the Iranian people stay strong fighting for what is rightfully theirs. Freedom.

Mousavi’s New Announcement Just Released

فردا چهار عصر میدان بهارستان

English Translation:  Please come to Baharestan Sq. in Tehran tomorrow at 4pm

Senator John McCain of Arizona talks of Iran Crisis and Neda

Senator John McCain of Arizona gave a speech today in front of the senate summing up the situation in Iran. Senator McCain called the death of Neda a defining moment.

“Today, I and all America pays tribute to a brave young woman who was trying to exercise her fundamental human rights and was killed in the streets of Tehran. All American’s are with her. Our thoughts and our prays are with her.

Mousavi Renews Calls for Demonstrations on Thursday

In the face of pressure from the Islamic regime in Iran, Mir Hossein Mousavi called for continued demonstrations.  Here is the message from his website:

“There will be another peaceful demonstration in Tehran to honor the mertyrs on Thursday. Please Update us with your “Solidarity” Events around the globe on thursday”

Fatal Shooting of Neda How You Can Help Submit News Tips, Videos and Pictures

NEW VIDEO Basij Using Tear Gas and Pepper Spray Against Protesters

Video from 6/20/2009 showing Basij and militia members using tear gas and pepper spray against protesters in Iran.

Video was shot in a Tehran neighborhood near Enghelab Square, a very symbolic location. Video also shows burning motorcycles, what appears to be a basij vehicle. Chants of “Death to the Dictator” can be heard.

GRAPHIC WARNING: New Neda Video from Different View

Warning, the below video is extremely graphic. This video shows Neda’s murder from a different angel not previously seen.

Neda was murdered by the Islamic regime’s milita and Basij forces. Here is the original video of the aftermath: Neda Shot and Killed in Tehran by Islamic Regime.